Digital transformation for business or an brand starts from its brand name, logo, address, website, logo design, and continues with user experience in all platforms business have, social media presence and management, search engine optimization, running social media campaigns, advertisements in different platforms, creating media for these campaigns, reaching out to customers, feedback, and analyzing all these information to understand what is right and what is wrong and take further steps to make things better.
My last job experience in Canada is about digital transformation of small and medium businesses as they are badly hit especially during Covid 19 Pandemic. I was part of a team that analyzed the businesses thoroughly and helped them with our expertise with the programs and applications.
In the first step, we help businesses to identify their target customers, understand their customer persona, identify their busines objectives, set goal for their business, allocate resources, take action and execute steps and finally analyze the data they have.
Second step is to plan their digital strategy which consists Google Search Optimization, Web development, Ads, Email Marketing, Analytics, Content Marketing, Media Management, SEO, Social Media Management.
Some of the applications we were trained are Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google My Business, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google ShopHERE, Google ads editor, Google Merchant Center, SEO management, Facebook Advertising, Business Manager, Facebook pixels, Instagram for Business, Canva, Shopify.

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